Supply Chain Accelerator

Supply Chain Accelerator Course Collections
Supply Chain Reinvention - Finding more Value in your Organization

Enhance your capacity for building alignment and collaboration as you learn a powerful methodology for leading contemporary supply chain organizations. Reflect on the people, processes, and technology that impact the supply chain and discuss potential areas for improving the synergy between them. Investigate the change leadership necessary to move your supply chain capabilities forward and ahead of your competitors.

Logistics - Decisions, Opportunities and Optimization

The Logistics track is designed to sharpen your perspective on your transportation and facilities network, taking a critical look at existing strategies in order to uncover opportunities for your organization. An examination of models and processes will enhance your situational awareness of internal and partner processes, and simulation exercises will help you understand the implications of potential changes.

Procurement - Improvement, Strategy and Managing Risk

More than just a source of competitive advantage, research shows us the critical role a firm’s procurement practices can play in its very survival. Our procurement track is designed to help supply chain professionals eliminate blind spots among suppliers, to identify exposure to risk, and to craft strategies and practices to both reduce risk and leverage opportunities to a firm’s advantage.

Advanced Procurement - Analyzing Costs Using Total Cost of Ownership

As Drucker famously shared, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Total Cost of Ownership provides a bottom-line focus for procurement practices and analysis tools to track the outcomes of decisions like supplier selection and supply chain design over time. This series will help participants understand TCO best practices and develop their own framework within their organizations.

Project Management - Leading Successful Projects

Today’s projects are becoming increasingly difficult to execute. They require the input, cooperation and orchestration of a multitude of different disciplines and functional areas and must often be accomplished with few resources and little time. The ability to plan, schedule and control projects has become an essential leadership capability for all business leaders, not just designated project managers. Project management is no longer a task but a profession. Whether or not it is a formal part your role or included among one’s “other duties as assigned,” it seems that most everyone will manage a project sometime during his or her career. Our Leading Successful Projects track is designed to provide both PM professionals and beginners a thorough understanding of project management principles with a practical orientation, allowing participants to quickly put proven project management concepts to work.

Supply Chain Leadership for Competitive Advantage

The Supply Chain Leadership track will equip you with the tools to recognize and prioritize opportunities, analyze their potential for competitive advantage, understand threats from competitors, and to execute strategies to achieve organizational excellence. Our signature course in both Supply Chain and Leadership combined will develop your confidence to make Supply Chain management a competitive advantage for your organization and maintain that status in the future. Whatever your role or level of experience, we expect that you will find the lessons valuable and applicable to your leadership in the years to come.