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Why Certificates?

Professional Certificates are a win-win for both you and your organization. A Professional Certificate prepares you for new responsibilities, addresses competency gaps, keeps you on top of industry transformation, and develops expertise in a customized area of study. Building a holistic understanding also allows you to contribute to broader enterprise goals, making you more valuable to your organization.

Our 3 and 4-day short courses are taught by graduate-level faculty and respected industry practitioners. Professional Certificates require completion of several short courses -details vary by certificate.

Broaden your expertise to become a Professional or Executive Scholar. These premium certificates reward your attainment of multiple Professional Certificates and demonstrate your commitment to expanding your enterprise knowledge.

Note to Military Personnel: You may pursue certificates as a recourse for past custom programs such as MCLEP and Army Supply Chain Logistics programs. Contact us for guidance.

Program discounts are provided for committing to a series at the start!

Certificate Programs Overview

Certificate info graphic, Professional Scholar Stack any 2 professional certificates to become a Professional Scholar. Executive Scholar, Stack any 3 professional certificates to become a Executive Scholar

Professional Certificate Options

  • Professional Certificate in Analytics
    • Understand foundational principles and processes that guide the effective use of data and analytics
    • Empower and leverage technical experts to mine and analyze relevant data
    • Develop an analytics ecosystem that encourages a culture of data and synthesizes external data sources and partnerships
  • Professional Certificate in Architecting Strategy Execution
    • Understand how to develop strategy in your organization while anticipating challenges to execution
    • Master our unique approach to link compelling strategy with project-level execution
    • Learn how to constantly evolve strategy execution process as you work to inform future business strategies.
  • Professional Certificate in Strategy and Organizational Performance
    • Learn essential core leadership skills in strategy formulation, implementation, and performance.
    • Build your capacity to innovate and make profitable decisions through improved financial acumen.
    • Opt for a Professional Certificate in Strategy and Organizational Performance with Emphasis in Supply Chain and expand your impact.
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Leadership
    • Learn to leverage a holistic supply chain approach to increase efficiency across the enterprise and entire supply chain
    • Ideal if you are in a senior supply chain executive role or related field that works closely with the supply chain in developing strategy
    • Opt for a Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Leadership with Emphasis in Organizational Performance and improve your strategic decision making and leadership skills
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management
    • Develop a holistic mastery of integrating and linking the functions of supply chain management
    • Learn about the tools and techniques to aid this goal
    • Ideal if you are in a managerial role in supply chain or related field
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Operations
    • Understand the key functions within supply chain management
    • Courses are grouped around "inbound" and "outbound" operations
    • Ideal if you are new to supply chain responsibilities or want to learn about the specific issues in each key supply chain function.

Leadership & Strategy Certificate Options

Supply Chain Certificates

Analytics Certificates

Architecting Strategy Execution

Premium Certificates

After you earn a Professional Certificate, consider continuing your education to earn a Premium Certificate at the level of Professional or Executive Scholar. You'll demonstrate your commitment to professional development, develop a broad base of enterprise knowledge, and earn a variety of additional benefits.

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