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Build a critical mass of leaders who are aligned in their behaviors and approaches and are ready to develop innovative solutions, be catalysts for change, and drive growth. For more than 60 years, we've created and delivered practical learning solutions that tie straight to the strategic direction, culture, and operational processes of organizations like yours.

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Custom Delivery

Flexible Delivery and Duration

Our programs are flexible in length, timing, location, and delivery. We'll work with you to understand your goals, challenges, and opportunities in order to build learning experiences that easily integrate into your developmental initiatives and management processes.

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Collaborative, not Prescriptive

Your organization is unique. We will partner with you to develop solutions that are relevant, practical, and directly tied to your business goals.

Education, not Consultation

We'll design your custom solution so your team will be able to actively transfer what is learned in the program to real life-creating real value for your organization.

Teaching strategies may include: presentation of new theories, concepts, and research; analysis of best-practice organizations; applied learning through case studies and activities; large and small group discussions, simulations, assessments, and action planning.

Our Expertise

  • Leadership & Strategy
    • Build a critical mass of effective leaders to improve performance and drive change.
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Develop a foundation of supply chain excellence with strategies and practices that fuel business success.
  • Management & Supervisory Development
    • Secure your leadership pipeline from end to end by focusing on middle-manager competencies.
  • Architecting Strategy Execution
    • Master our unique approach to link your high-level strategy with project-level execution.
Penn State Executive Programs brought us a willingness to look hard at product that we wouldn't have been willing to consider before. We were asking how else to grow, how else can we have people experience our brand...The framework we brought from Penn State was a system for us to use when ideas came up internally or from outside. Before, we were reactive. Now we are proactive.
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Our Custom Learning Process

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