Leadership & Strategy

Leadership & Strategy Course Collections
Strategic Leadership

Prepare to lead transformational change in your organization. Develop the perspective to lead strategically by assessing your opportunities in the competitive environment, developing and implementing strategy with a focus on a constantly changing future, and aligning your organization around the fundamental pillars of strategy, leadership, and culture.

Implementing Strategy for Success

Develop an integrated approach to strategy implementation and change management. Build strategic thinking abilities, decision-making acumen, change management awareness, and influencing skills. Maximize your skills to drive organizational performance and growth.

Communication Strategy for Leaders

Today’s workplace offers a complex variety of modes through which leaders communicate critical concepts, ideas, and strategic messages. This program offers a unique design that brings together multiple faculty experts who will help you explore effective strategies for communicating strategic vision up, down, and across the organization, with particular focus on channel selection, message authenticity, and communicating across generations.

Leading for Results

This program focuses on connecting business decisions with their financial consequences and views finance as an operational element of a successful organization. It is critical for leaders to understand how business decisions impact financial results and how constraints shape business decisions. All too often, operational leaders and strategic decision-makers are siloed from their counterparts in finance. Accounting is the language of business because its terms and concepts translate any business decisions into their economic consequences. As you gain familiarity with the tools and techniques of strategic financial management , you will begin to deploy finance and accounting to empower your business decisions.

Solving the Execution Challenge: Bridging Strategy and Action

This short course explores the development and application of a comprehensive approach that produces the common understanding of the organization that is needed to align strategic objectives and tactical initiatives. You will explore how value streams and capabilities form the foundation of the business architecture perspective – and how that architecture can either support or inhibit an organization’s ability to achieve strategic goals. This practice has been used effectively in leading organizations to “bridge the gap” between enterprise or business unit strategy and successful execution.

Solving the Execution Challenge: Applying the Tools and Techniques

This module helps leaders gain a deep understanding of key tools to support robust decision-making across their enterprise strategy execution efforts. It explains and demonstrates tools for execution – and allows no-risk, hands-on practice opportunities as leaders consider how to effectively use this new approach to inform, translate, plan, and align strategy within their organization. This program is also ideal for teams of leaders seeking to collaborate in new ways as they address their organization’s unique circumstances. Contact us for team discounts or private cohort opportunities.

From Strategy to Tactics: An Introduction for Public Sector Leaders

Strategy creation is only part of the challenge – transitioning from strategic planning to executing at a tactical level is where many organizations fail. In this micro-workshop, leaders in the public sector are invited to review the basics of strategic thinking versus tactical execution and to explore methods through which this transition can be successfully made.