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Create a completely customized, online supply chain education program with Gartner’s number one-ranked supply chain education institution, Penn State University. Through the Supply Chain Academy, PSEP will work with you to create a program to address your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Transform Your Leaders to Transform Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Academy

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Supply Chain


Engage your organization in a transformational online learning experience that leverages cross-functional collaboration to solve complex supply chain challenges.

Our online program delivers detailed analytics on what your participants are learning and insight into their perceptions and understanding of your unique challenge.

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Program Details

Custom Program

We will work with you to select a combination of short, online sessions to address specific learning objectives for a cohort of leaders from across your organization. Your learners will work together to collaborate in discussion forums and group projects to achieve the desired outcomes.

Contact a Learning Solutions Associate today to create a program tailored to address your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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Program Structure

  • Supply Chain Academy programs are uniquely characterized by:
    • Time-effective online learning “sprints” led by Penn State Supply Chain faculty experts and designed to fit around busy schedules
    • Scalable, collaborative learning experiences that reach across leadership teams and accelerate individual skill development
    • Tailored modules that address leaders’ specific needs and outcomes in the context of your unique business
    • A guided, paced approach to activating your organizational strategy

Delivery Partner

Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, the #1 ranked provider of supply chain education, partnered with CorpU in 2015 to deliver the Supply Chain Academy.

CorpU is the developer and owner of a unique data-driven technology platform designed to support organizational teams that are geographically distributed. The platform provides collaborative online discussion spaces and evaluates learning transfer through natural language processing analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Participation metrics provide key stakeholders with critical insight into what employees understand and ways they are challenged by the change initiative; thereby building your organization’s unique capacity to achieve its goal quicker and more effectively.

Instructional Strategy

The overall methodology is about fostering collaboration. The format encourages individuals to consider the upstream and downstream implications of their decisions and actions on other functional areas.

Learning Sprints

Fast, fun, and valuable virtual modules called "sprints" form the core of the curriculum with each group member working online for approximately 30-minutes daily. Then, structured online conversation compiles a rich stream of data to help you not only understand the knowledge level and opinions of your team, but also how they might approach decision making in the future. An internal moderator designated for the sprint remains involved in conversations throughout the week to ask provocative questions and engage with your participants. Each week ends with a live event moderated by a Penn State instructor.

Diagram of online leaning sprints showing a progression through the steps of watch, read, assess, discuss, apply, assess

Team-based Approach

This cohort-based program is uniquely designed to support organizational teams that are geographically distributed. Solutions are geared toward 20-50 participants from a single organization which allows for targeted discussions and activities.


Program Content

We will work with your organization to identify the combination of modules that will help create the change you need. Your organization can select from more than 20 sprints and combine them to create custom learning modules. We have offerings at the technical, tactical, and strategic level, and will work with you to build modules that tailor the learning to solve challenges specific to your organization.

  • Course Titles and Sprint Options
    • Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Excellence
      • Finding Opportunities in your End-to-End Supply Chain
      • Improving Procurement Practices
      • Competitive Implications of Demand Planning
      • Manufacturing as a Strategic Variable
      • Critical Decisions in Logistics Management
    • Building Integrated Supply Networks
      • Assessing Your Supply Chain Alignment and Collaboration
      • Strategic Sourcing for Improved Performance
      • Evaluating Opportunities with Third Party Logistics Providers
      • Optimizing Distribution Network Strategy
      • Managing Supplier Risk
    • Leading Your Supply Chain to Competitive Advantage
      • Strategic Leadership Within Your Supply Chain Organization
      • Building Continuity and Resiliency in Your Supply Chain
      • Defining Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain
      • Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage
      • Supply Chain Alignment and Orchestration
      • Aligning Supply Chain Goals with Your Corporate Strategy
    • Leading a World Class Procurement Organization
      • Finding Opportunities in Your End-to-End Supply Chain
      • Improving Procurement Practices
      • Strategic Sourcing for Improved Performance
      • Managing Supplier Risk
      • Aligning Supply Chain Goals with Your Corporate Strategy
    • Project Management
      • Leading Successful Projects

    Why World-Leading Supply Chains Make This Program a Top Priority

    Walmart, Dow, DuPont, Boston Scientific, Campbell’s, General Mills, Owens Corning, and other leading supply chain teams are educating thousands of supply chain leaders through this unique Penn State Supply Chain Academy experience. This methodology is unparalleled as a way to enhance and build your organization’s unique capacity in end-to-end supply chain knowledge and leadership.


    Programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer

    Accelerated Execution

    Methodology speeds time for initiating and activating strategy

    Immediate Impacts

    Leaders identify millions of dollars in immediate improvement opportunities


    The experience taps into and builds on the collective experience and knowledge of each company’s own supply chain team

    Seamless Experience

    Learning fits into the flow of leaders’ work so they don’t have to leave job locations