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The Architecting Strategy Execution program, offered through Penn State Executive Programs, provides knowledge, tools and frameworks that you can immediately put to work in your organization. Most strategy execution-oriented programs focus exclusively on the human and organizational elements of strategy implementation. While these topics are important contributors to strategy execution, they do not explain the details of how to perform strategy execution comprehensively and how to link the execution layer (projects) with business strategy and ongoing changes to business strategy. Without this linkage, the execution (project) layer quickly falls out of alignment with strategy.

You'll learn:

  • Keys to developing strategy in your organization while anticipating challenges to execution
  • Our unique approach to link compelling strategy with project-level execution facilitated by a solid understanding of an organization's business architecture
  • How to ensure changes in business strategy are reflected in the organizational project portfolio and enterprise-wide investments
  • How to constantly evolve strategy execution processes as you work to inform future business strategies
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The Series

Participate from wherever you are

Our live remote instruction model allows you to participate from a location convenient for you - while still engaging in challenging, application-focused activities that focus on your work.

Learn from expert faculty and other leaders

You will be 'live' with the expert instructors and networking with other leaders facing similar challenges form a variety of organizations and industries.

Customize for your team

We'll design your custom solution so your team will be able to actively transfer what is learned in the program to real life, creating real value for your organization.

Short Course 1: Strategic Leadership and Strategy Formulation

  • Critically assess and respond to the changing environment and marketplace
  • Develop a roadmap that aligns your organization or unit's strategy with your external environment
  • Balance 'design thinking' with 'critical thinking' to develop and test new initiatives
  • Assess your organizational culture - and team - and the propensity for change
  • Communicate, motivate, and empower to lead sustainable organizational change
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Short Course 2: Solving the Execution Challenge: Bridging Strategy and Action

  • Assess issues with traditional approaches to strategy alignment and execution
  • Understand and link the components of your organization's business architecture
  • Effectively connect business strategy with project portfolios
  • Evolve the project portfolio priorities in alignment with changes in business strategy
  • Integrate the business architecture perspective with strategic planning
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Short Course 3: Solving the Execution Challenge: Applying the Tools and Techniques

  • Leverage business models for robust decision-making across strategy execution
  • Develop repeatable approaches for strategic options assessment, strategy translation and initiative shaping, portfolio management, and strategic alignment
  • Apply the concepts from end-to-end in a risk-free environment using a team-based realistic case study with tools and activities you can take back to your organization
  • Formulate practical next steps to enhance strategy execution and the business architecture function within your organization
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Meet the program faculty.

Dr. Al Vicere

Dr. Al Vicere

An award-winning faculty member and published author, Dr. Vicere focuses on senior leader development in the areas of strategic leadership, organizational transformation, and clarifying the connections between strategy, leadership and culture. He has helped leaders think differently with hundreds of organizations around the world, including: McDonalds, 3M, Four Seasons, IBM, Rockwell, Unilever, British Airways, USSteel, and many others.

Al was the founding director of Penn State's Institute for the Study of Organizational Effectiveness (ISOE), and has earned multiple MBA "Excellence in Teaching" awards for his courses on strategic leadership. Dr. Vicere has published over ninety articles and professional papers in leading journals and his books include , "Leadership by Design," published by Harvard Business School Press, and "The Many Facets of Leadership, published by FT Prentice-Hall.

Dr. Brian Cameron

Dr. Brian Cameron

Brian H. Cameron is the Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education in the Smeal College of Business and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. He is a Founding Director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State and Founding President of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO).

Brian has worked with a wide portfolio of companies on a variety of consulting engagements, ranging from systems integration projects to enterprise and business architecture planning and design with firms like Accenture, AT&T Wireless, Avaya, Boeing, EMC Corp, Lockheed Martin, NSA, Oracle, Raytheon, US Marine Corps, and many others.

Whynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn

Whynde is a recognized global thought leader and a long-time pioneer, practitioner and educator in strategy execution and business architecture, a foundational discipline for enabling end-to-end transformation and organizational agility. Additional areas of expertise and research includes digital transformation.

Whynde has worked with an extensive array of organizations to build their strategic business architecture teams and capacity for end-to-end strategy execution, including Fortune 500 and global enterprises, governmental and non-profit organizations, social enterprises, startups, and cross-sector initiatives.

She regularly speaks, writes and chairs/co-chairs events with a mission to advance best practices and facilitate community and advocacy in her areas of expertise across the globe. She is the author of the book Strategy to Reality, and creator of Biz Arch Mastery, a dedicated online platform and community that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture.

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