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An overview of Penn State Executive Programs custom learning solutions resources.

The Penn State Smeal College of Business is dedicated to providing an education that is extraordinary for our rapidly changing world, engaging in research that impacts the global economy, having an ongoing and deep dialogue with society, and surrounding all of it with a community that holds diversity, honor, and learning as key ingredients. We connect the unique goals and needs of individuals at all levels with the expertise they need to succeed in today's dynamic environment.

Our research centers work closely with partners to address critical challenges and our faculty work together to produce research that shapes the world. 

Research Centers

Center for Supply Chain Research™

Almost three decades ago, The Pennsylvania State University recognized the need for a forum where industry leaders and academics could exchange ideas and advance knowledge in business logistics. In 1989, as the logistics profession was just gaining prominence, the Center for Logistics Research, renamed the Center for Supply Chain Research™, was founded to serve the needs of this growing community.

Today, the Center for Supply Chain Research™ (CSCR™) is member strong and intellectually active in many facets of supply chain management and the enabling technologies used for collaboration, visibility, and integration.

Although the Center is still firmly rooted in traditional aspects of supply chain transportation, distribution, and procurement — our research also penetrates emerging areas including topics on sustainability, low cost country sourcing, risk management, demand driven supply networks, and human behavior modeling.

Our mission is to offer the supply chain profession our very best in research, executive education, symposia, and talent development. It is also to support Penn State and the Smeal College of Business in achieving research and education excellence in supply chain and information systems while integrating the college into the broader public and private sectors.

Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship was formed in 1992 through a generous endowment from Michael J. Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Farrell and Company, an investment banking firm specializing in manufacturing. The Farrell Center has three major roles within Penn State’s Smeal College of Business: the creation and management of educational programs in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, research, and outreach.

The Center is dedicated to enabling and cultivating industry partnerships to benefit companies, students, and faculty. As such, participating companies may benefit from the talents, skills, and expertise of our students and faculty through an array of partnership opportunities. The Center fosters partnerships by providing an engaging portfolio of educational opportunities, research initiatives, consulting programs, events, and other collaborative solutions to help companies and students improve their innovativeness and successfully launch new ventures. The Center is also uniquely dedicated to teaching students about corporate innovation and entrepreneurship to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and experience to prosper in today’s business world.

Institute for the Study of Business Markets

The mission of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets is to play a leadership role in advancing the theory and practice of business-to-business (industrial) marketing, and to advance business marketing as a specialized field within the broader marketing discipline. The institute brings together leading academics and educations with world-class practitioners. 

The Leadership and Innovation Lab

Housed in the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Leadership and Innovation Lab focuses its research in two broad yet overlapping domains: leadership and innovation management. Research areas include the development of innovation in the workplace, creativity and engineering design; the creative climate in a virtual environment, leading unique workforce populations, organizational climate, and leaders' and subordinates' reactions to errors. The Leadership and Innovation Lab takes a multilevel perspective to understanding and investigating relevant constructs. The Lab has partnered with a range of organizations on applied and academic projects, including Lockheed Martin, NATO, Google, Nike, and Epic Games. Research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and the Department of Defense.

Sustainability at Smeal

Since 2008, sustainability has been a strategic priority for the Smeal College of Business and a topic that permeates the educational experiences, research activities, and practices across our community. We are working to deepen understanding of the ways in which sustainable practices can shape the future of business. 

Sustainability is an enterprise-wide priority that touches every business function. Penn State Executive Programs focuses upon where strategy, mission, and sustainability coincide. We offer custom learning solutions tailored to an organization's strategic sustainability priorities including a sustainability assessment, customized recommendations, and follow-up on applied learning projects.