Areas of Expertise

A description of Penn State Executive Programs areas of expertise including Strategy and Leadership, Supply Chain, and Supervisory Development.

Our work with organizations extends across multiple areas of focus with particular emphasis on:

Leadership and Strategy

Build a critical mass of effective leaders to innovate, set direction, improve performance, and drive change. Penn State Executive Programs specializes in preparing organizations and leaders to create and unify behind common strategic goals. For more than 60 years, we have been developing leaders who can interpret the environment, seek out new opportunities, rally those around them, and reflect the DNA of the organization.

Management and Supervisory Development

Leaders say "Let's go!" Managers say "Go!"  Penn State Executive Programs offers workplace learning that improves personal and organizational performance across all levels of responsibility. Mid-level managers are responsible for the people and processes that support strategic initiatives.  Today's managers succeed by navigating networks and utilizing communication and influencing skills to get results. Organizations with strong mid-level development programs enjoy improved retention of talent, a robust leadership pipeline, and successful teams. Secure your leadership pipeline from end to end.

Supply Chain Management

Forge a foundation of supply chain excellence with strategies and practices that fuel success for your business. Penn State Executive Programs is part of the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business. At the forefront of supply chain knowledge and practice, Smeal understands today’s complex supply chain challenges and how to connect powerful solutions with progressive leaders. Cutting-edge research, industry benchmarking, and insights from a diverse community of supply chain professionals—industry experts—provide the tools to adapt to change and address challenges.

We are a distinguished leader in supply chain education and research. In fact, for the fourth consecutive time, Gartner has ranked Penn State as the nation’s No. 1 supply chain institution based on assessments by both practitioners and academics.