Kenneth W. Pasch

Kenneth Pasch is part of the team of faculty of experts who teach in the portfolio of offerings from Penn State Executive Programs.

Affiliated Faculty in Accounting and Management, Penn State Executive Programs

Ken’s focus is on leadership and management. Ken’s quest: help as many people as possible unlock and optimize their potential by engaging their entrepreneurial spirit.

Ken has been on the faculty of the Accounting and Management/Organization departments of the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University for over 10 years.  He loves teaching and has been recognized for his success with the Les Shonto Excellence in Education and the Panhellenic Outstanding Faculty awards.

As President/CEO, Ki Visions, Inc. – the well respected and requested leader development, coaching, consulting, and training company – Ken ensures Ki Visions achieves their mission of producing positive impact on their clients top and bottom lines by helping good people become great leaders.  This is accomplished through the use of their proprietary 7-part leader development series “Living With the Consequences – Unlocking the 7 Doors to Leader Success”.  Part-1 of the series, “Become the Boss You Always Wanted” recently became available in print: Ken’s syndicated radio talk show, “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!”, focuses on Leadership, Motivation, and Life in the work-place and provides a “one of a kind” forum for the confidential discussion of workplace issues.

Ken has extensive experience in leadership and management.  Ken has worked decades in the business environment, healthcare sector, spent many years in the military as a flyer and Squadron Commander, and serves as a consultant for companies as global as Johnson & Johnson and as local as Lia Sophia.

Ken’s most challenging position in operational healthcare was as Commander of the 89th Medical Support Squadron.  Serving as both COO and CFO during his tenure, Ken led a staff of 500 who supported the care of over 50,000 patients.  Continuing his tradition, he championed a true turn-around of this medical center and garnered major accolades from both the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the USAF Health Services Inspection teams.

Ken appreciates the opportunity to serve on and directly impact/influence numerous boards of both profit and not-for-profit organizations.  His current not-for-profit positions are with Young People Who Care and Mount Nittany Surgical Center.  Ken learned to recognize the value of board affiliation during his younger years while participating in Junior Achievement.

Ken graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor’s in Health Policy Administration. He earned a Master’s degree in Business with an emphasis on Management at the University of Northern Colorado. Ken is Board Certified in Healthcare Management, a Certified Leader Coach, and a Covey Leadership Center Facilitator.