Blended Virtual Learning

An overview of the online offering delivered through the Supply Chain Academy from Penn State Executive Programs.

Supply Chain Academy

Engage your supply chain leaders in a virtual transformational experience that builds cross-functional collaboration to drive end-to-end excellence and solve complex supply chain challenges. This company sponsored, cohort-based online program connects supply chain leaders through a combination of asynchronous and live sessions to build upon existing organizational expertise and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain. The program is uniquely characterized by:

  1. formal and informal learning developed and led by Penn State faculty;
  2. scalable, collaborative experiences across leadership teams and accelerated individual skill development along the way; 
  3. tailored modules that address leaders' specific needs and outcomes in the context of the business; and
  4. a guided, paced approach to activating organizational strategy. 

Read about this process in action with The Campbell's Soup Company.

Learn more about Penn State's Supply Chain Academy. Then contact us directly to discuss how this may work for your organization.