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As part of the internationally ranked Penn State Smeal College of Business, Penn State Executive Programs offers award-winning executive education programs that helps leaders develop, improve performance, and drive change. 

OUR VERY BEST FOR YOU:  Powered by the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business, a faculty that ranks among the best in the world for academic excellence, we are uniquely positioned to deliver innovative learning engagements that build your capabilities to succeed.

In many organizations, there is a gap in leadership development at the middle-manager level.  Most companies have successful programs in place at the first or supervisory level and at the executive level.  But for medium-sized organizations particularly, there may be a handful of people missing out – Sales Managers, HR Directors, etc.  Make sure you have your leadership pipeline secured from end to end.

Excellence in Management Series

Penn State Executive Programs is working in partnership with the Commonwealth Campuses of Penn State to provide a series of regionally delivered two-day programs in management and leadership. These certificate-track programs are designed to enhance the skills of leaders to sustain strong performance, build talent for the future, and create a strategy-driven culture. In addition to  building the capability of the organization, programs prepare individuals for promotion through the development of competencies consistent with increased levels of responsibility.

Drawing from Smeal and practitioners from industry, our faculty are experts in executive education and working with companies of all sizes.  Excellence in Management improves the leader’s ability to consistently add value in these key areas:

  • Understanding and implementing business strategy
  • Making financially sound business decisions
  • Leading others to attain critical goals and improve performance
  • Increasing personal effectiveness and use of time and resources
  • Developing a personal management and leadership style
  • Strengthening leadership and team-building abilities
  • Enhancing ability to manage conflict and negotiate positive outcomes

Who Should Attend

Programs are ideal for individuals with key responsibilities for leading a team, project or department. 

Can You Bring This to My Company?

Yes! Penn State Executive Programs can be your partner in establishing an enterprise-wide development initiative that builds organizational capability to execute against strategic goals.Contact us to build education that is tailored for the unique needs of your business.

Current Programs

Each program awards 1.4 CEU's. Completion of the series yields a Professional Certificate in Managerial Excellence from Penn State Executive Programs. A Certificate of Completion is provided for attending a single course.


Excellence in Management: Financial Acumen and Decision Making

This program helps managers improve their decision making skills by offering behavioral insights into how people actually think and make decisions. You will examine the advanced critical thinking skills and creative strategies needed to manage unfamiliar, highly complex problems or decisions that involve significant uncertainty.

Excellence in Management: Financial Acumen and Decision Making - Read More…